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Bluetooth stereo installs

The customers exisiting stereo undergoes a conversion process which uses an interface card inside the classic car radio to drive a modern Sony  unit. Alternatively if you will only stream your music via Bluetooth then this can now all be done from within your existing head unit


Once the conversion has been completed we then install in a sypathetic manner.


If purchased, the Sony unit is discreetly tucked away and the ipod/iphone connection is hidden within the ashtray or glovebox. Other connections for alternative phones and mp3's can be installed.


Each install is discussed in detail and done to your exact specifications.


These conversions are provided by:

Tadpole Radios

We are able to fit inertia seatbelts discreetly into most cars.

As each install is a bespoke fit, please email us for more information.

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Inertia seat belt installations

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